This one-day workshop will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2016. It will focus on the future of platforms as sites of work, collaboration and trust. We will explore how this new domain of research could help shift forward broader conceptual and theoretical efforts within CSCW, and how, on the other hand, we might more effectively utilize prior work to inform our research agenda and efforts in this emerging sub-area of CSCW. For more details, see our workshop proposal (pdf).

Activities: The workshop day will consist of diverse activities, with an emphasis on in-depth conversations, community building, and support for establishing new collaborations. The program is structured around reviewing work done so far on sharing/platform economies, thinking through how that body of research fits together with longstanding CSCW concerns, and working toward a shared research agenda.

Keynote: Judd Antin, Director of Experience Research at Airbnb, will give a keynote address followed by a Q&A session. Judd is currently building “a world-class team of diverse researchers to bring the voices of Airbnb’s people to its products, communication, and strategy”. As a longstanding member of the CSCW community and a practitioner active in the subject domain of the workshop, he is ideally positioned to give a thought-provoking talk and deepen the discussion in the workshop.

Workshop goals:

  • Bring together researchers within the CSCW community who are studying different aspects of the sharing economy phenomenon (broadly understood) with diverse approaches
  • Collectively set up an overarching research agenda, working through especially how questions regarding sharing and platform economies connect with broader CSCW concerns
  • Encourage interaction and collaboration not just between researchers within academia, but also with practitioners and activists working on related issues
  • Support and scaffold collaborative efforts that exceed the short duration of the workshop
  • Continue to facilitate the formation of a new sub- community in CSCW and HCI, and discuss possibilities for lightweight collaborative infrastructure to sustain the community